Little Purring Heart

But, You Say, He Does Not Believe in Psychology!

Indeed I do not: at least, not of the ‘this happened to person X once upon time, thus shaping the mentality of person X now.’ My new aesthetic approach doesn’t discount the effects of our childhoods, or in fact the impact any event may have on us. It is, rather, an attempt to look as closely as possible at what is happening to us now, by registering dynamics, to register those effects we see playing out right now, rather than to speculate on the effect of past events. In this way we must read the aesthetics of our lives: the ways in which we look for pleasure in life and attempt to order our existences in a way that I believe we might call beautiful, even if one person’s sense of what is beautiful might amount to something gross in another.

Cats, I contend, in their mysterious unknowability[1], allow us to read our lives in extraordinary detail (Fig 6).

fig 6

We humans have however forgotten that this gift cats grant us does not mean that our lives are somehow privileged from other forms of life. On the contrary, our lives are nothing without the lives of other animals, and while we have forgotten this not only have species after species passed into extinction but the world has become less able to support us in our generally stupid and selfish endeavours. Climate change is a reality many of us continue to refuse to accept.

[1] Although it would be true to say that anything at all might possess this quality in some quantity.


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