Little Purring Heart

But Now How About Those Atmospheres?

Let me repeat those categories I mentioned:

  •  Synchronization
  • Communication
  • Playing
  • Loving

I intend now to take us very carefully through an overview, if we may call it that, of each category, involving specific, illuminating anecdotes I have accumulated. In each case I would ask you to think about the ‘loving’ relationship between the cat and its owner, and how that might relate to the original loving relationship between mother[1] and child.

[1] It may be a little late in the day, but I would of course point out that some of us do not have mothers who we know. The person who raises us may be different from our biological mother, and the acts of mothering someone experiences might be from all manner of sources. I am moved, for example, to think of Tarzan of the Apes.