Q (i) Is it true that they sent a cat to the moon, and what would that mean to your theories?

Well, I really do not know. There was thought that Neil Armstrong’s kitten, ‘Giant’, travelled¬† to the moon with him and the crew of Apollo 11, but general consensus seems to be that this was a rumour put about by Soviet propagandists who, at the time, were desperately trying to put a bear into space. Archive footage of what looks like a rigged up ‘kitten-bear’ fight on the surface of the moon, in which the bear clearly wins did surface at a junk shop in Kiev a couple of years ago – but most agree that this was material created as a prank by some Russian film students. At any rate, the bear never took to the air and although I do believe you can hear a kind of purring sound in the background as Armstrong makes his famous speech from the moon’s surface, it does seem unlikely.

What does this mean to my theories? I’m not sure. I imagine that the human reaction to a ‘kitten-bear’ fight broadcast across the world from the moon would have been extraordinary, with very unpredictable effects. ‘Cats are change’, indeed.